JTrust Weekly

Hi There, and Thank You for your interest in JTrust, your weekly update on efforts to restore trust in journalism.

It's curated by Sara Catania, a longtime journalist whose experience spans newsrooms large and small, legacy and startup, print, broadcast and digital, for-profit and non-profit, and everything from hyper-local to international news.
Before journalists can expect to restore the public to trust, we must learn to trust one another, to reach beyond our areas of comfort and ease, be they driven by ideology, platform or revenue model. We must do much better at talking to one another and collaborating.
JTrust is a tiny step in that direction. The hope is that by collecting work around the theme of restoring trust in journalism, JTrust will inspire the conversation and collaboration that is imperative for the future health of journalism and our democracy. This newsletter is for anyone interested in participating in the conversation. 
Step one is easy. Sign up here. You can also follow along on Twitter at @JournoTrust.
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